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Over the years of being a therapist in some capacity I have always looked for an extra external source of income stream, since having kids, at least for the first 5 years of their life it was to find the secret to eternal youth … I worked with a lovely spa company selling high quality skincare products, Temple Spa, I still use some of their products today even thought I haven’t worked with them for years. Why did I stop? Well firstly I’m poop at sales, and I’m not great in group situations so having to teach people how to use the spa products at home and try sell them without selling them just didn’t make sense to me, plus I realised Anti-ageing had to come from a slightly deeper level, so I discovered another amazing company called Nu Skin, they offered a handheld machine and used galvanic currents to get specially formulated gels into the skin at a deeper level, amazing. I started using them for myself and for my clients who wanted an amazing deep cleansing facial and anti ageing treatment. This company also sold their machines and that meant yet another opportunity for me to freak out at trying to build a business building a network and a team and selling. Guess what? I’m poop at selling and don’t feel happy doing it. Even though I loved the products. So I focused on making myself more knowledgeable in Therapies to help women, like me, who felt flat since having kids and maybe not quite themselves anymore. I love being a bodyworker. I specialised in deep tissue massage and reflexology, and helped many women, building a successful business without the need to sell a product. Well, I was the product and my hands did the selling, so it was easy.

When I had to give up my work due to the pain I had developed over the years, and the eventual diagnosis of fibromyalgia I decided to take the time out and focus on myself, my body and my mind. What I started to realise, particularly with the nutritional side and the mindset side of things, was that you can spend all the money in the world trying to make the outside (aesthetic you) feel good but if you don’t work on the inside with nutrition and mindset, then no amount of creams, treatments or therapies are going to help in the long run.

My need to feel good on the outside, at that early time in my life as a new mum, was because I wasn’t ready, strong enough or in control of what was going on; on the inside. I felt that trying to make myself look good would make me feel better!

When I changed my focus, I realised that yes, I like to look good, and feel good, but to find peace of mind, happiness, and good health I had to work on something much deeper than my skin. I had to work on my self.

Over the 2 years of self discovery, self love, self care, and pain management, I changed, a lot, maybe too much for some. My relationships changed, my outlook on life changed, and my desires changed. I recognised that to feel peace from within, you can’t get that from external sources such as beauty creams or even a good massage. Over my time retraining to become a health and wellbeing coach, I’ve discovered that people want to change, but they still want to outsource it, they want to feel better but might not be ready to take what can be a scary journey of self discovery and massive changes. It would mean looking in and not out. It occurred to me that even as a massage therapists people were still expecting ME the therapist to make them feel better, yet any advice given after a treatment for selfcare fell by the wayside.

It takes a lot of strength, to work on oneself, to recognise that something needs to change within you to find peace, balance, good health for your mind, body and soul. I have learnt that you cannot work on one without the other.

So, where am I at now? I still like to look after my skin, I’m less worried about eternal youth because, ageing is inevitable. But what I can control is what I put in my body with good nutrition and supplements which are specific for longevity at a cellular levels, which will control how I feel, my wellbeing and my long term health, I can control my thoughts, and quieten my mind and negative chatter, this too will help my body, mind and soul. Sadly it has meant changes in friendships, and close relationships, but again, I can be comforted in the knowledge that I have been true to myself, and this in turn means others will understand and accept I’m coming only from a place of love, peace and balance.

It’s been a journey and a half, and I’m not going to lie, I’m looking forward to a new year, but a new year doesn’t need to be on the 1st January, it can be any time in your life. Don’t be afraid to make changes, don’t be afraid to say farewell to old ways, and create new ones. At any point in your life, just make sure you are being true to yourself.

Thank you to all my friends, family and supporters during this time of massive change.

Love, Peace and Happiness

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